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青学と日大の暑い関係詞における関西の定義とKwansei-Gakuin Universityのクリエイティヴについて





また、西濃運輸やドンキ、セリアなど、流通の覇者はつねに大垣出身である、(ちなみにわれわれ中京はアホであり、東の関はむろん箱根駅伝) 、、日大が大垣に要石を置いたのは故無しとしません。


青学大・原監督 “雲隠れ”日大・内田監督に苦言「ちょっと問題。真実を知りたい」・・・すぽにち







、、って関心したのが、10年以上前に、英語を再訓練しようと、200WPMの暴速で500語程度の英文を膨大な量を読む公文式英語SRSスピードリーデングシステム (この良システムも今はもう無い)、


わざわざ紙からPCに筆写して保存してあって、たまーに見ると何べん読み返しても名文なのでこれ書いた主語、「私」とは誰だろう? といまだに解らないのですが、アインシュタインかもー。


日大監督、関西学院大を「かんさいがくいんだい」と何度も間違える アメフット問題・・・こうべしんぶん




What distinguishes creative people?

By creative people I don't mean only the great painter or poet or musician. I also want to include the creative housewife, teacher, cook, sales manager-anyone who is able to break through habitual routines and invent new solutions to old problem, solutions that strike people with their appropriateness as well as originality, so that they say, "Why didn’t l think of that?"

Creative people, first, are not limited in their thinking to "what everyone knows." "Everyone knows" that trees are green. Creative artists are able to see that in certain lights some trees look blue or purple or yellow. Creative people look at the world with their own eyes, not with the eyes of others. They also know their own feelings better than average people. Most people don't know the answer to the question, "How are you? How do you feel?" The reason why they don't know is that they are so busy feeling what they are supposed to feel that they never get down to examining their own deepest feelings. "How did you like the play?" "Oh,it was a fine play. It was well reviewed in the newspaper." Math authority figures like drama critics and book reviewers telling us what to think and how to feel, many of us are busy fulfilling other people's expectations.

Another characteristic of creative people is that they are able to entertain and play with ideas that average people may regard as silly, mistaken, or downright dangerous. All new ideas sound foolish at first,because they are new. People who are afraid of being disapproved of for having "foolish" ideas will have the satisfaction of having everyone agree with them, but they will never be creative, because creativity means being willing to take a chance.

People who would be creative must be able to endure loneliness-even ridicule. lI they have a great and original idea that others are not yet ready to accept,there will be long periods of loneliness. There will be times when their friends and relatives think they are crazy, and they'll begin to wonder if they are right.Genuinely creative people, believing in their creation, are able to endure this loneliness-for years if necessary.

Another trait of creative people is idle curiosity. Such people ask questions, read books, and conduct investigations into matters apparently unrelated to their jobs or professions-just for the fun of knowing. It is from these apparently unrelated sources that brilliant ideas often emerge to enrich their own fields of work.

Creativity is the act of bringing something new into the world, whether a symphony, a novel, or an improved layout for a supermarket. It is based first on communication with oneself, then testing that communication with experience and the realities one has to contend with. The result is the highest, most exciting kind of learning.

・・・Kansei-Gakuin University



バアナアド・ショウ先生に違げえねえ。 日本の英語入試問題あるある。


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